This is a list of the places we have been.   We will link to what we can.  Besides the places below we have done many residentials in Georgia, Tennessee & Alabama

6th Cavalry Museum - Fort Oglethorpe
Alexander Bridge
Antique Stores (More than one)
Bloody Pond
Bobby Mackey's
Booker T.  Washington State Park
Brotherton House
Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary
Chattanooga Choo Choo Train Cars

Chattanooga Memorial Park
Chattanooga Town & Country Motel
Chickamauga National Battlefield
Chickamauga Hidden Rock Quarry (Not the city one)
Chickamauga Hidden House Foundations
Coke Ovens - Chickamauga
Corpsewood Manor
Craigsmile Haunted - Cleveland
Crawfish Springs - Chickamauga
Crime & Punishment Museum - Alcatraz East
Debbie's Spirit Hunt - Fayetteville, Tn.
Delta Queen
Dragon Hills Retreat - Bowdon, Ga.
Elkmont Ghost Town

Etowah Boarding House
Exorcist House  (More of a drive by photo bomb, investigation from the car.  It is a private residence)
Garmany Cemetery
Girl Scout Hall
Glenmore Mansion
Gordon Lee Mansion
Hales Bar Dam
Harriman Hospital
Harriman Post Office
Harrison bay

HInsdale House
Howard Finster Vision House - Summerville, Ga.
John Ross House
Kelly House
Kings Lodge - 
Lee & Gordon Mills
Marsh House - Lafayette
Marshall Hotel
McInteer Villa
Mitchell House
Monroe House
Myrtles Plantation
Nathan Anderson Cemetery
Old Stone Church
Old Bryce
Old South Pittsburg Hospital
Old Woolen Mills - Cleveland

Ohio State Reformatory (Shawshank)
Reed House
Rhodes Hall - Atlanta
Sallie House
Sedamsville Rectory
Snodgrass Hill & Cabin 
Southern Belle
Southside Saloon
Sorrel Weed House - Savannah
Temperance Building
Thomas House - Boiling Springs
Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
UTC Campus & Cemetery
Walking Horse Hotel
Waverly Hills
Wheatlands Plantation
Wheeldon Manor
Wilder Tower